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West Coast Wreck Tour

September 30 - October 7 /17

If you are an Advanced and Dry Suit Diver you should not miss this trip.

Based out of Deep Cove /North Saanich, we will dive all the wrecks from Campbell River to Victoria, weather permitting. 

Based out of PJ's Island and Subsea Retreat, which offers: Accommodations, onsite compressors, scuba service centre, rentals, boats, swimming pool and 2.5 acre playground, you will have a hassel free experience.

You days starts with a hardy breakfast, followed by a road trip to the days dive destination.

Two dives with lunch and then back to the Retreat where you can enjoy a BBQ at your leisure, swim in the pool or do nothing at all.

Repeat x 6.


Dive boat fees: $120.00/day.

Accommodations: $125.00 / night per room.

Meals: $40.00 /day.

Call today to book your stay.





Yes, we have moved again and it is a big move.  We are at 707 Downey Road, Deep Cove, V8L 5P8 Vancover Island. We have teamed up with PJ's Retreat, a 2.5 acre property that features a swimming pool, large home, studio, workshops and beautifully landscaped gardens and sports field for unlimited recreational opportunities. Call us at 250-208-4920.

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New Intership Program

Do You Like to Dive?

Do You Want to Persue a Career In the Diving Industry?

Do you want to become a "Dive Leader?"

If you are at least 16 years of age, we can help you achieve your goals.

Call for more information.....


Dive Into Adventure

Sub Sea Experience is a dedicated Scuba Dive Centre. Our personalized training approach accelerates the process of making you a competent diver in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable for you. Meeting your personal objectives is the goal of Sub Sea Experience Dive Leaders. Whether your goal is to dive shallow reefs or deep water wrecks, we can help you get  started on a lifetime of exciting adventure. Call 250-208-4920 for more information.

Did You Know?

We fill and service all types of air cylinders....SCUBA/SCBA/Paint Ball/Avalanch/Line Painting.

If you have 10 + cylinders, we will pick up and drop them off for you (within the Sidney /Victoria Areas).

You can rent our Studio for any meeting or teaching activity. The room is AV and WiFi equipped and only costs $25.00/ hour (3 hour minimum). We Can accommodate up to 20 people in the Studio.

Call to check for availability.


We Service most makes of Regulators, Buoyancy Compensators and Dive Computers.

We rent portable "Breathing Air" compressors and have gas and electric systems for your convenience.

We have over 100 "Wet and Dry Suits" in stock. We carry New, Prototype, Demo and Rental suits. If you plan to "Enter the water, we have you covered!


We have Canada's largest selection of "Masks, Snorkels, Fins and Booties."


Drop In Scuba

Brush up on your Scuba Skills...

We have a number of Scuba Skill Updates and Drop in Scuba dates for your convenience.

Book our pool at your convenience. Call 250-208-4920  for availability.





Warning:  Before you call anyone about Scuba Diving Lessons, Read This!

Did you know that not all "Learn To Dive Programs" are the same.

Yes, It is True.

Some would have you believe that it is all the same. Well, it is not. While the warm tropical coral reefs are alluring, the reality is that conditions around the world vary significantly. The skills required to dive the "Coastal Pacific" (British Columbia), the tropical Caribbean and a cold fresh water lake are all very different. Yes the basics are the same, but the skill, equipment and awareness levels are not.

Some would have you believe that the "Agency of Certification" is important. Since diver training is not "Government Regulated" (nor should it ever be), agencies have set minimum standards of training that they feel are necessary to produce safe and competent divers. But, what is good for Florida, does not work in California nor Alaska...as the conditions are very different, therefore the standards are very different. The "Can it and Clone It" philosophies might work in some industries, it does not work in ours. PADI and SSI are two of the largest training agencies in North America, they are not the only ones. In fact, there are over 250 different agencies worldwide that proclaim to offer Scuba Diver training. The "Con" of being a professional association is just that, a "Con." Very few agencies are actually "Professional Associations" most are private businesses that are franchised out  like a McDonalds or a Tim Horton's, thanks USA...

If you are ready to "Drink the Kool Aid, swallow the pill and park your brain at the door, just sign up for any lesson offered in your area. You don't know any better and your friend said that it was OK,  after all, he/she dove 4 dives in Mexico, they obviously knew what they were doing! By the time you have paid for your second or third course, you realize that the "gear and plastic pimps" have only their best interests at heart. They sold you that "Bargain regulator and B.C" at a super cheap price because they got it at a super cheap price. That "on line" equipment you bought on the internet was so cheap and the on-line reviews so favorable that you couldn't resist. You believe everything being posted on the internet, why would they lie? No professional in the industry would ever use that equipment. You soon realize that quality and value are never discounted.

Learning to dive is one of the most challenging and exhilarating skills that you will ever experience. To do it properly will cost you time, money and effort. While our "On-Line Courses" are available for free, they are only a supplement to our program. Nothing will ever take the place of a great, experienced instructor. It is our task to impart knowledge and experience to you so that you will have safe and enjoyable time learning to dive. Our pool sessions are designed to make the transition to Open Water diving as realistic and as seamless as possible. Do you really think that you can learn to dive in a 2 meter Pool?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times and I am a damned fool...  A fool is easily parted of his money.

Learn to dive so that you can explore our planet "Oceanus" as water makes up over 3/4 of the earth's surface. You-tube, video, movies and television are great ambassadors for diving but are not the same as being there. Learn to Scuba dive.

Jack Madro

Instructor Since 1976

Introduce more than 9,000 people to Scuba.


Nautilus Lifeline.

This two-way marine radio and gps is ideal for diving. Depth rated to 425 feet, it can be taken on every dive, increasing your safety and comfort. After surfacing, the radio allows you to communicate with your dive boat, in addition to any marine VHF frequency. The lifeline also includes a energency feature that, when activated, will send a digital alert message to other radios in range. The lifeline also includes a user-friendly USB port for software updates, a speaker and microphone, and an LCD screen to view battery levels and to manage settings. For more information or a demo of our new product, stop by our shop during store hours. More information can also be found at http://nautiluslifeline.com. Cost: $299 + GST.

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