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Online Training Information

How does FREE Online Training for the Open Water Diver Program work?

  1. 1. Register:

To start the FREE online program you must first register at "DiveSSI.com." We need your first name, last name, date of birth, email address and zip code. This is the information we need to record your progress and connect you with the closest SSI Dive Center. The SSI Dive Center will be notified of your registration (with your permission). They are there to help you every step of the way and can answer any of your questions or concerns.

  1. 2. The program:

Focuses on the academics needed to become a SCUBA diver.

  1. 3. Completion of the online academics:

If you want to further your scuba training, you will need to visit your chosen SSI Dive Center  (Sub Sea Experience) & sign up for a Scuba Diving course. Once the dive center has signed you up they will have an access code to retrieve and apply your academic training to your scuba class.

  1. 4. Dive Center Sign up:

When you go to sign up for your class, make sure the dive center is a certified Scuba Schools International Dive Center or Resort. They are the only ones that can credit you for the online academics you have completed.

  1. 5. Get Certified and GO DIVING!

How much does it cost?

SSI's Online Training - the scuba diving academics - online are free (first 3 chapters)! If you decide to continue your education and want to become a certified diver, you will need to sign up for an SSI Open Water Diver class at your local SSI Dive Center.

The SSI Dive Center you choose will have additional training material (such as a DVD, Total Dive Log, etc.) that you will need to purchase in order to complete your academics. They will have a variety of class times and course fees available for you to choose from. You can pick what best fits your schedule and pocket book.

How to Have the Best Online Training Experience:

Now, let’s Get the Adventure Started!

Try Scuba / Discover Scuba / Scuba Party

Try before you Buy? Of Course!  

Spend 2 - 3 hours with our staff as you learn the basics of Scuba Diving.

If you have a group of 10 or more people, we can arrange for the most memorable party, in-service or team building exercise that you can imagine.

Great fun and a great learning experience!


Classroom and Pool Immersion Training

Learn the basic scuba  skills necessary to become a safe and confident diver at our pool and training studio.

Proper instruction and realistic practice sessions will make the transition to Open Water Diving as easy as possible. Cost $350.00 + taxes (all equipment is provided) 

Open Water Scuba Evaluation

This is the third and final requirement for Open Water Scuba Certification. Complete a minimum of 4 Open Water dives with our staff to gain this rating. We have some of the best shore dives within minutes of or training centre and our boat gives you unlimited access to some of the best wreck, reef and wall dives in the Pacific Northwest. Cost $250.00 + taxes. Boat dives are extra.

Student-divers are responsible for their own transportation, accomodations, food, entertainment, air fills $20 and mask/fin rentals $40 (if necessary).

Open Water, Advanced and Dive Leader Programs

Complete Open Water Scuba Full Certification
Arranging classroom, pool and open water evaluation is the best option registering as a single diver. ($550 + taxes)
Find a dive buddy to take advantage of the Dive buddy classroom and pool special

Scuba Skills Update
($60.00 + taxes) Join the Classroom and Pool Immersion Program on Saturday afternoon to review dive tables and planning and then review your skills in the pool.  Recommended for anyone planning to dive if you have been on extended surface interval for 6 months or more. Saturday Night's Alright for Diving!

Essential Specialties for West Coast Adventure Diving

Specialty/Advanced Diver
Boat, Computer, Deep, Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility, Search and Recovery, Wreck ($90 + GST per specialty p.p. or all 6 for $350)

Dive Team Leader
If you are interested in sharing your love of diving with others, call to arrange an interview with Jack.  Prerequesites: 50 logged dives (fresh water, coastal and tropical), Advanced Diver including Stress and Rescue.

Learn to Scuba