Sub Sea Experience is an authorized dealer of dive products from the most renowned scuba manufacturers.  Come visit for a personalized professional consultation to select dive equipment that best meets your needs.  The internet is a tremendous resource but there is no substitute for a fitting in-person with a qualified dive leader to ensure fit and comfort.  Sub Sea Experience guarantees all equipment for Fit and Comfort.  We have a scuba package to meet every budget with the highest possible quality.

Your purchase is only FINAL when you are HAPPY with your equipment.

Selecting the finest quality equipment is a priority because your safety and enjoyment underwater are worth it.

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Choosing the right accessories can make your diving much more enjoyable.


To ensure comfort and safety, be sure to have your equipment serviced at least once a year by qualified Sub Sea Experience technicians.  We can service all most major brands of scuba equipment.


Not ready to purchase your dive equipment quite yet?  Rent the same equipment you used during your training to ensure proper fit and comfort for your warm water travels or Canadian Diving Adventures.  Mask, snorkel and fin sets, wetsuits, drysuits, BCs, regulators and computers are available for rent.


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