Discover Scuba & Snorkeling 101discover scuba and snorkeling

Discover / Try Scuba

If you would like to test the waters before you dive right in, one fun evening of classroom and pool instruction is the best way to Discover Scuba.  This is a great idea for a date night, corporate, team or birthday party. ($60.00 p.p. + GST)

Snorkeling 101

Sub Sea Experience's Snorkeling 101 program is full of tips and advice to help make snorkeling easier and more fun.  It is a great way to improve your confidence in the water and it is perfect for anyone planning a warm-water getaway.  Fun for the whole family. ($50 p.p. + GST)

Discover Scuba and Snorkeling 101 are scheduled concurrently on the Friday night Open Water Classroom and Pool Immersion Programs.  Please refer to the calendar for upcoming dates and times.

Jr/Sr High School Scuba Program

Give your students an opportunity to experience the most fun and realistic introduction to scuba in a pool.  Students learn under the direct supervision of Jack Madro B.Ed. who is an experienced and certified teacher providing an educationally sound and safe scuba experience.

The scuba program may be integrated as a key component of a cross-curriculum study unit:

discover scuba and snorkeling